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Vegans and vegetarians aren't the only people opting for a sustainable plant-based diet recipe. Women and men looking to supercharge a reduced calorie lifestyle are also considering purely inspired organic protein that comes from natural fruit and vegetables. If you're committed to making a diet and lifestyle change, check out these Herbal Goodness plant-based diet recipe gems. To save time while cooking with these foods that start with a plant, substitute a few vegetables and fruit with organic Herbal Goodness super foods like Guayusa Leaves, Organic Papaya Seed, Graviola Matcha and Green Papaya Fruit Powder. 

About Plant-Based Recipes

Additionally, to stick with a favorite plant-based diet recipe, remember why you made this lifestyle change. For example, you might decide to eat more plant-based food do avoid counting calories. After all, plant based food is generally low in calories. 

You also might want to lower your blood pressure, strengthen your heart and improve your overall body.1 Also, seeing a friend or relative who looks better might have inspired you to make better food choices. At Herbal Goodness, we want you to know that while you opt for organic food to live on, you aren't limited to a strict, boring diet. 

In fact, here are four different types of plant-based diet recipe options. They include: 

  • Vegan - Choose this diet and you will steer clear of animal based foods. Yes. This means that you won't eat foods with milk, cheese or eggs in them.
  • Vegetarian - This diet gives you greater options than the vegan diet. For example, as a vegetarian, you could enjoy a HerbalGoodness papaya leaf smoothie with strawberries and bananas along with a salad of kale, pineapple, boiled eggs and provolone cheese. There's lots of delicious food that you can enjoy as a vegetarian that doesn't involve meat.
  • Flexitarian - As a tip, this diet might prove an easy start into the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. While on a flexitarian diet, you could alternate between eating meat and going vegan or vegetarian. For instance, you could add baked chicken and HerbalGoodness Bamboo Leaf Liquid Extract to your salad one week and go full vegan the next week.
  • Raw Vegan - Do you enjoy eating raw vegetables? If so, the raw vegan diet might fit your lifestyle. With the raw vegan diet, you rely on animal free purely inspired organic protein. HerbalGoodness Graviola Matcha is a good vegan choice. 

Banana Guide

As you move toward plant based food to live on, if you're thinking that you'll get the bulk of your protein from vegetables, you're likely right. But, that doesn't mean that you can't get protein in your diet while enjoying a fruit based meal. Check out the below banana guide followed by delicious recipes that call for fruit. 

If you love bananas, you're in for a treat. To start, a medium sized banana has about 100 calories. You can eat bananas while they're green or ripe and brown. Baby bananas are small, yet nutritious. You can expect to get about 80 calories from a baby banana.2 

The skin on a baby banana is thick, growing black spots as the banana ripens. Cavendish bananas are the fatter fruit in the banana guide. You'll find this fruit in the banana guide inside a lot of North American grocery stores. 

Burro bananas are mild in taste. They have a sweetness similar to the Cavendish banana. Rarely seen in some grocery stores, the red banana is a gem in our banana guide. Although small, the red banana has lots of vitamin C. It's found in countries like Ecuador. Central America is another area where red bananas are grown. Another small banana is the manzano banana. This banana taste like a blend of banana, apple and strawberry. 

Organic Plant-Based Recipes

Now, for tasty plant-based recipe suggestions, including recipes with fruit.3 Try a few of these recipes and see how you like them. Also, pay attention to how easy they are to prepare. 

Zucchini Mushroom Veggie Bowl

Less than 300 calories a serving 


1 zucchini

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup of diced onions

1 teaspoon Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup diced tomatoes

2 cups of spinach or kale

1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper 

Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Add in mushrooms, onions, Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract, zucchini and tomatoes. Stir in black pepper. Blend well. Cook lightly. Turn off heat and cover over spinach or kale. 

Ravioli Spinach

Easy to prepare. Serves about four people. 


10 fresh ravioli

6 cups spinach

1/4 cup ricotta cheese

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

Teaspoon Herbal Goodness Graviola Leaves

Black pepper

3 garlic cloves (slice garlic)

2 teaspoons lemon juice (use fresh lemons for a sharper flavor)

1/4 cup olive oil 

Boil ravioli in a pot of water 

Cook sliced garlic, spinach, Herbal Goodness Graviola leaves, pepper in a skillet greased with the olive oil. Cook until spinach is tender. 

Remove from skillet. Drain ravioli and pour spinach and garlic mixture over the spinach. Sprinkle with lemon juice and ricotta and Parmesan cheese. 

Mushroom Macaroni and Cheese

Tasty and filling plant-based diet recipe 


1 cup of Elbow macaroni and cheese

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon margarine

1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms

2 teaspoons of thyme

1 teaspoon Herbal Goodness Guayusa Powder

1/4 cup of milk

1 egg

3 cups spinach

1 cup shredded mild cheddar cheese 

Bring pot of water to a bowl. Add in margarine and macaroni and cheese. Cook pasta until it's tender. Drain and stir in egg, milk and cheddar cheese. 

In a skillet, add olive oil, mushrooms, spinach, thyme and HerbalGoodness Guayusa Powder. Cook until mushrooms and spinach are tender. 

Cover spinach and Herbal Goodness Guayusa Powder mixture over macaroni. Enjoy! 

Choosing A Plant-Based Diet

Think about your favorite foods as you start choosing a plant-based diet. This is about more than choosing a single plant-based diet recipe to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For example, if you truly enjoy baked chicken, fish or steak, you might find greater success with a flexitarian diet. 

On the other hand, if you love the food in the Herbal Goodness banana guide and think that you could stick with the guide, vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs and Herbal Goodness super fruits like the Green Papaya Fruit Powder, Graviola Matcha Leaves and Guayusa Leaves, the vegetarian diet might prove a good option. 

But, remember that you can also boost a vegan diet by adding HerbalGoodness super food and teas to the diet. Another fact to keep in mind is that pasta calories, rice noodles calories and flour calories can easily be a part of a plant-based diet. 

herbal goodness graviola matcha

When cooking with food on the banana guide, rice and pasta, use oil that's low in trans fat. Also, drink lots of fresh water. If you do eat rice, consider dining on brown rice instead of white rice.4 And, incorporate a broad type of plant based food into your recipes. Cap each lunch with a fruit or vegetable smoothie made with Herbal Goodness papaya, matcha, graviola or guava. Close out your evening meal with a glass of organic Herbal Goodness tea, talk about refreshing. Click here to order a variety of organic Herbal Goodness herbs and powders


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