Our Commitment To Sustainability

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What does SUSTAINABILITY mean to us? 
 We believe that how we treat mother earth today will allow us to pass on her resources to our children and their children. By paying a fair value to our farmers we help keep their lives sustainable, which affords them the opportunity to support bio-diversity, to grow their products organically with non-GMO seeds, so our earth continues to produce high quality food.
What does FAIR TRADE mean to us?
We know our farmers by name and we care about their livelihood and their communities. We visit our organic farms, interact with our framers and their families, and give back to their communities while ensuring that they are compliant with ethical laws such as no child labor.  We pay fair price, at or above market value to our farmers, to ensure that they can sustain their organic and biodiverse farming practices. We support our farmers communities, and provide educational scholarships to the children of our female organic farmers.

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