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Not yet convinced about the wonderful benefits of our products? Want to learn more about Herbal Goodness as a whole? If you're interested in hearing about our company from a different perspective, check out the following links to media mentions from our favorite influencers on a variety of platforms.

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2. Instagram Live with Alexandra Stricklin - My Journey as an ITP (Immune thrombocytopenia) Warrior

3. Instagram Live with Jazmin Bencomo - My ITP (Immune thrombocytopenia) Journey, Strengths & Challenges

4. Herbal Goodness Instagram Live - Super Herbs for Healthy Living


Herbal Goodness is the #1 manufacturer of premium quality, unique Superfoods, and herbal products to support healthy living and impact lives. 

Dr. Unoma Okorafor:
As a native Nigerian, I was raised on
the rich goodness of fresh, organic papayas straight from the trees.
When I became pregnant, I sought out similar papaya products to support my health, only to be shocked by the prevalence of GMO varieties in the US market. This sparked a personal journey to create Herbal Goodness, founded in 2011.

Okorafor said making an impact on the community is a core value at Herbal Goodness. Each year the company gives 10% of its profits to support the education of girls, including providing educational scholarships for children of their female farmers.

Unoma Okorafor is the founder and CEO of Herbal Goodness, a manufacturer of premium quality organic superfood and herb products in the form of dietary supplements, herbal teas, and
powders that naturally support healthy living.

The McKinney storefront is now one of more than 30 stores selling Herbal Goodness products nationwide, according to Herbal Goodness’ website.

Self Made Women: Unoma Okorafor Of Herbal Goodness On How She Started With Nothing and Became A Millionaire.

Dr. Unoma Okorafor, CEO of Herbal Goodness, discusses her commitment to empowering women and communities through sustainable practices. She emphasizes the importance of providing quality, organic products and maintaining ethical sourcing standards. Her vision for Herbal Goodness is not only to promote health and wellness but also to create opportunities for economic development and education, particularly for women in Africa.

Dr Unoma Okorafor: The Face of Herbal Goodness Empowers Others Through Both Health and Education

Unoma Okorafor is the face behind Herbal Goodness, a health and wellness brand that has become the number one supplier of superfoods and special herbs. However, this company is one of the many platforms she is utilizing to empower others.

In her interview with Women Owned, Dr. Unoma Okorafor, CEO of Herbal Goodness, shares her journey of founding the company to provide organic super fruit products like papaya and graviola. Inspired by her upbringing in West Africa, she emphasizes the importance of healthy living and ethical business practices.

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