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Graviola, also referred to as soursop, custard apple and guanabana, is grown in forests. Benefits associated with soursop, including soursop tea and soursop juice, may be another reason to care for trees and nature and practice being environmentally friendly. After all, sufficient forest and farm areas are needed for Graviola trees to thrive. The scientific name for the evergreen tree is Annona muricata. It's this very tree that Herbal Goodness farmers cultivate organic Graviola from. Because Herbal Goodness is committed to good health, it doesn't add GMO to its Graviola which is how we keep Graviola in highly natural states as we manufacture the fruit into organic teas, extracts and dried leaves. 

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Discovering Graviola or Soursop

The Annona muricata tree itself looks similar to a banana tree. Both trees grow to about the same height with the soursop leaves hanging down instead up spiking upward like banana tree leaves do. When it comes to how to eat soursop, you may be happy to know that you can eat the fruit raw. Simply cut Graviola or soursop fruit in half. Next, take a spoon and dig the fleshy part out of the fruit. 

If you love the taste of pineapple or strawberry, you may have a strong appreciation for Graviola. Soursop has a creamy texture, a feature that might surprise you. You might find Graviola's texture surprising when considering how to eat soursop due to the fact that the fruit's shell is a prickly green. 

People living in Africa, Asia and South America forests picked the fruit, leaves and stems from Graviola to make soursop tea and soursop juice. They also used the leaves, stems and root to support the reduction of swelling. Attempts to support the reduction of health issues is another reason why people living in these forests used soursop. 

What Are The Health Benefits of Soursop

In addition to eating soursop to support all-around health and wellness, people eat soursop raw and drink soursop tea and soursop juice to keep insects away. Although there's no scientific evidence that soursop works as an effective insect repellant, some people do apply soursop juice directly to their skin in the hopes of preventing insects from biting them. 

Efforts to support healthy gut functions as well as boost immune are other soursop tea benefits.1 Of course, people also seek these benefits simply by eating Graviola raw. These following soursop tea benefits have not been proven on humans. Specifically, these benefits include blood sugar support, constipation support and support for sand fleas infection. 

However, further research is needed to more fully determine what are the health benefits of soursop on humans. Side effects of Graviola include nerve cell impact that could cause the body to shake. Pregnant women and women who are breast feeding should consult with their physician before taking Graviola. As with any food, beverage or supplement, people with existing health conditions should also consult with their physician before taking Graviola. Herbal Goodness' Graviola extracts, leaves and teas come ready with suggested serving sizes. This way you can easily know how much of the fruit's vitamins, fiber and antioxidants you're adding to your diet. 

Also, many people who learn how to eat soursop do so simply because they love the fruit's creamy texture and delicious flavor. Even more, soursop has vitamin C, potassium, iron, niacin, fiber, magnesium and thiamine2 All of these vitamins, antioxidants and fiber can be gained for less than 70 calories. It's the antioxidants in soursop tea and soursop juice that can help protect against free radicals. 

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How To Eat Soursop

Amazing ways to enjoy Graviola or soursop are easy. For starters, when it comes to how to eat soursop, you could: 

  • Cut the fruit open in halves or four chunks. Scoop the fruit out with a spoon. The flavor is so strong, that you won't need to add a sweetener to the fruit.
  • As a punch is another option as it regards how to eat soursop. To enjoy Graviola or soursop as a punch, add milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg to soursop. You'll need to get a strainer to strain the soursop juice away from the seeds and fleshy part of the fruit. Strain the juice good. Then, using a whisk, blend the soursop juice with the other ingredients. Place in the refrigerator and enjoy after the punch has cooled.
  • Of course, you can also strain the juice out of the fruit and drink the soursop juice plain.
  • Add Graviola to a fruit salad. Of all the options as to how to eat soursop, this may be the easiest. Simply slice Graviola and place in a salad bowl with slices of pineapple, melon, grapes and strawberries.
  • Graviola fruit is also large enough to carve out and use as a nature bowl. Choose this option and you could fill the empty Graviola shell with fruit, your favorite nuts or green leafy vegetables. 

You could also snack on Herbal Goodness Graviola bulk loose leaves. These are organic, non-GMO dried Graviola leaves that offer the vitamins, antioxidants and fiber found in raw Graviola fruit. Our soursop comes in small packs as well as cases. Shop our official website to see if your order qualifies for a discount or to see if you can use a gift card to gain savings. 

Soursop Leaf Tea

Another way to enjoy Graviola is to treat yourself to a cup of soursop leaf tea. Herbal Goodness soursop leaf tea is made from pure dried Graviola leaves. The tea comes in a box of 24 and is manufactured to support cell regeneration. Check out our Graviola video to see learn another easy way to use Graviola. Because Graviola tea supports relaxation, you may want to drink a cup of the tea an hour before you head to bed. 

Soursop leaf tea can keep you from having to buy raw Graviola fruit. The value of getting antioxidants, iron, fiber and vitamins in a form that offers long shelf life may be immeasurable. Add variety to your diet by alternating soursop tea with Graviola extract and pure dried Graviola leaves. For a deeper inner feel good benefits, you may love knowing that Herbal Goodness offers scholarships to families of our farmers. 

Herbal Goodness also donates up to 10% of our profits to African girls' education through the WAAW Foundation.  We give to the WAAW Foundation and our farmers' children's education because we recognize and honor the value of a quality education the same way that we value and honor your overall health. Click here to get Herbal Goodness organic Graviola teas, extracts and green tea powder. https://www.herbalgoodnessco.com/collections/graviola-soursop-leaf-fruit 


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