New Year New Look! | Herbal Goodness

You might have noticed that things have changed up a bit in the past few weeks. We have a new logo, and we now call ourselves Herbal Goodness instead of Herbal Papaya. 

But this only means that we are still 100% committed to bringing you premium quality organic superfruit products to support healthy living. In 2019, our mission is literally coming to fruition (pun intended)! We started out with our ever popular, Papaya, and now we've added Graviola (Soursop), Guava, and Bamboo. We have more amazing products still to come, so stay tuned.

In addition, 
- We promise as always to WOW you with excellent customer service (call us or email us, we love hearing from you!). 
- We promise to consistently deliver you with the healthiest trends available (follow our blog and look out for us on social media).  
- We promise to continuously treat our Earth with love and kindness (learn about our sustainability efforts).
- We promise to stay special by being 100% women-owned and empowering girls in Africa through our WAAW Foundation (learn about our social causes).

Thank you for being a loyal customer, people like you allow us to do what we do best!

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