How to Use Our Products | Herbal Goodness

~ Organic Papaya Leaf Teas ~

To get the maximum benefit from our herbal teas, flash boil water, wait for 5 minutes and steep tea bag for 5 - 8 minutes. Because our papaya leaves contain live enzymes and valuable nutrients, boiling water can destroy some of the best qualities.
You can drink up to 3-4 cups a day. There are no side effects. Remember that 3 cups of tea is equivalent to one capsule of the papaya leaf extract capsule or equivalent to one serving of the liquid extract 16 oz.

~ Papaya Leaf Liquid Extracts & Capsules ~

Our liquid extracts and capsules are our most potent products.
These are extracts of papaya leaf with a 4:1 or 10:1 concentration. If you are serious about supporting healthy blood platelets or your immune system, you want to try this product.
Take 1 - 2 capsules daily. Since Papaya contains papain which is a digestive enzyme, it is best to take this product a few minutes before food. For the liquid extract, drink 1 -2 tablespoons or drops alone or with water, juice, tea, or another beverage 2 - 3 times/day.
Our glycerin liquid extraction method encapsulates the papaya leaf nutrients, so it is not easily destroyed by heat or mixing with other ingredients.
~ Papaya Seed Extract & Powder ~

Use our organic papaya seed powder as a substitute for black pepper. You can sprinkle on salads, yogurt, smoothies, or eggs. When used to help remove toxins to do health cleanse, use the seed powder or extract for 2 weeks consistently (morning & night) stop for 2 weeks and then repeat for another 2 weeks.
~ Papaya Fruit Powders ~

Our fruit powders are versatile. You can mix into your smoothies, blend it up for cocktails, mix it with water, or put it into your lotion for the smoothest skin. 
The powder can be used topically as a facial or skin treatment. With the high Vitamin C and E found in papayas, you will be encouraging youthful skin.