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Water is essential for health since it constitutes more than 70% of our body weight. It keeps the body hydrated, it helps keep body cells clean, and it keeps things soft as they move through the digestive system and out of the back door. 

Dehydration can cause slow movement in the gut which keeps waste in the body longer than needed. Therefore, drinking water is a must but can any water do?
The answer is no. 
Not all water is created equal.  

Tap Water

Tap water is often laced with fluoride deliberately added to strengthen our teeth, so the experts say. Fluoride is highly toxic. The FDA in the USA requires all fluoride toothpaste to carry warning signs because accidents involving ingestion of fluoridated dental products can cause poisoning and even death.

China and India reported that tens of millions of people suffer crippling bone problems from drinking water with high levels of fluoride. In fact, fluoride at high doses is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic which is why it is used to kill rodents and insects. 

Tap water is chlorinated to kill unwanted microorganisms. Research has shown that long‐term exposure to chlorine leads to the production of free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage our cells leading to early aging.

Most people are not aware that tap water contains recycled water. Even though it is purified, it still contains high levels of female hormones.

There are claims that these hormones affect young children, leading to early maturation of young girls and adverse effects on boys. There are many other poisons in tap water which come from industrial waste. 

Personal purification of tap water is a must to remove the fluoride, hormones and other toxins from the water. Install a good quality filter at home.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a billion dollar industry. Some bottlers claim their water is from mountain springs, but some brands have been tested and found to be tap water. Even without testing, most bottled water tastes like tap water. 

The plastic bottles are a problem. The bottles often contain BPA which seeps into the water when exposed to heat. Heated BPA creates bad estrogen which, at high levels is dangerous to the human body. The bad estrogen also negatively affects fetuses, infants, and children’s brains. 

In some cases, hyperactivity and aggression in children point back to BPA poisoning. There are many other health problems that BPA causes.

BPA-free plastics contain PET which poses a different set of health problems. Soft plastic is hard to clean during recycling so PET bottles can be contaminated. Then there are the phthalates, chemical compounds used to make plastic flexible. These chemicals leach into the water causing a variety of other problems.

Instead of buying bottled water, people should consider carrying their personal purified water in a glass or stainless steel container.


Infused Water

Infused water is water with the essence of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and you benefit from the nutrients they offer. Because of the improved taste, you tend to drink plenty of fluids without excess calories, sugars, and artificial flavors. It is beneficial hydration in every refreshing sip. 

Infused water made with quality purified cold water and drunk from quality plastic, glass, or stainless steel containers is probably the best type of water. 


Caffeinated Water

Caffeinated water is water mixed with caffeine. No taste. No calories.
Flavored or not, each bottle can contain between 45 milligrams and 125 milligrams of caffeine.
Caffeine, in any form, is a diuretic. Water will not neutralize the effects of caffeine on your body. So if you drink this because you think it is better than tea or coffee you are fooling yourself.

Why not enjoy a cup of tea or coffee which contains only 1 or 2 calories, offers the same or more caffeine but tastes better and offers some health benefits?  


Water is essential to life and good health. Drink plenty of it daily but choose to drink the best water. Our favorite choice is papaya infused purified water. The next best water is tap water that has been thoroughly purified either at an outlet or home.
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Which water is your preference? Have you tried infused water? Which is your favorite fruit blend? Let us know in the comments below!