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Going green extends beyond using environmentally safe, nature-based products. At its core, going green has to do with what you feed your body. In fact, green leafy vegetables, organic herbs and non-GMO teas and extracts are not only environmentally friendly, these food choices support energy, mental clarity, mood and healthy weight. Guayusa leaf is one natural food option that has been eaten for decades. After Guayusa leaf became more widely known, food manufacturers in countries like the United States started making Guayusa leaf benefits available to larger numbers of consumers. 

Just What Is Guayusa Leaf?

Leading the way is Herbal Goodness. Our woman owned natural, healthy food products company added Guayusa leaf to our catalog early on. Also, to pass premium Guayusa leaf benefits from our sustainable farms to you, we keep our Guayusa leaves GMO free. Our Guayusa leaf is kosher, organic and contains more amino acids and antioxidants than green tea. In case you're wondering about the taste, you'll be happy to know that our tea offers a fruity flavor. The taste is smooth, inviting. 

Yet, it's the vitamins and minerals found in Guayusa leaf that we most want you to enjoy. It's why we take special care while cleaning our Guayusa leaves. You matter to us. That's why we decided to become a Guayusa leaf manufacturer. Here are vitamins, minerals and benefits associated with Guayusa leaf. Just remember that you aren't limited to cooking and enjoying the leaves plain or adding them to recipes. For example, here at Herbal Goodness, the leaves come in liquid, capsule and herb form. 

Guayusa Leaf Benefits

Now, about those Guayusa leaf benefits. You may be surprised to learn how one or more of these Guayusa leaf benefits could save you money, eliminating the need for you to purchase a separate bottle of vitamins. Grown on Guayusa trees that reach as high as 98 feet, Guayusa leaves are bright green and grow in an oblong shape.1 Ecuador and the Amazon Forest are places were the trees are grown. 

One way that you can reap Guayusa leaf benefits is to pick, clean, dry and brew the leaves into an organic herbal tea. These are similar steps that Herbal Goodness takes to process and manufacture the Guayusa leaf. But, that's not all. Herbal Goodness farmers live and work in Ecuador, one of the places that organic, non-GMO Guayusa trees are nurtured and grown. 

Years ago, people native to Ecuador and the Amazon Rainforest, drank Guayusa leaf tea to stay alert. That's how the tea gained the nickname "the night watchman". To gain an energy boost and help support healthy weight are other reasons why people drink Guayusa leaf tea. Because the tea is a naturally caffeinated drink, people enjoy it similar to how they enjoy coffee, yet without the added caffeine. 

More Guayusa Leaf Benefits 

Of the Guayusa leaf benefits, this benefit may be among the most appreciated, especially considering the fact that about 450 million cups of coffee are drank daily by people living in the United States alone. Globally, no other beverage is consumed more than coffee. In fact, each year more than 400 billion cups of coffee are drank by people living in different parts of the world. A downside to drinking coffee every day has to do with the extra caffeine. For instance, caffeine can cause nervousness, sleeplessness and a jittery feeling. It's also possible to become dependent on drinking coffee. For example, if you drink coffee every morning for a year or longer, you may feel uneasy until you drink a cup of strong coffee. 

You may not experience these same side effects while drinking Guayusa leaf tea because caffeine in the tea is natural. However, you may feel alert and not drowsy or groggy. 

Other Guayusa leaf benefits include the fact that the leaves have antioxidants, amino acids and theobromine. It's theobromine that may offer mood support. Among the vitamins in Guayusa leaves are vitamin D and vitamin C. The Guayusa leaf also has zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and chromium. 

Amino acids in Guayusa leaves supports muscles. In fact, some body builders turn to amino acids to strengthen their muscles. Neurological support could also be among the Guayusa leaf benefits. People dealing with inflammation and stiffness have also turned to Guayusa leaves. Other uses are to calm the stomach, help reduce pain and aid with menopause.2 

When Indigenous people drank Guayusa leaf tea, they often did so at dawn. In this regard, drinking the organic tea is similar to the traditions of coffee drinking. During those early days years ago, Indigenous people also used Guayusa leaves in effort to help recover from snake and insect bites. Guayusa leaves were used as part of ceremonies back then. It is said that the leaves continue to be used as part of the Kichwa culture. 

And, it's through manufacturing Guayusa leaves that native cultures can benefit from the trees economically. Herbal Goodness is a part of this effort, as we work with farmers who live in Ecuador. It is empowering and a part of our commitment to social good that we partner with farmers, including women farmers, living in the very areas where Guayusa leaves were first discovered and used to make organic tea that offers a fruity flavor and a welcoming creamy texture. 

Guayusa Leaf Dietary Options 

Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaf Tea

As summer approaches, your focus may be shifting to specific actions that you could take to support your well being. What an effective way to take ownership of your health and practice self-care. Starting small and taking daily advances is a way to stay on track. At the end of the year, you could feel very happy when you peer at the image looking back at you in the mirror. 

Additionally, you could enjoy feeling more energetic, connected and engaged with those around you, not to mention potentially having improved mental clarity. Path to these types of results may include trips to the gym, outdoor jogs, weight lifting and relaxing meditation sessions. Another easy to keep choice may be to add Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaf Tea to your breakfast. 

Drinking a cup of Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaf Tea may also be a good way to unwind at the end of the day. This non-GMO tea is a great coffee alternative. If you're not a tea drinker, try Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaf Liquid Extract or the Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaf capsules. Don't be surprised if you love snacking on the Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaves. These organic bulk herbs come in four ounce packets. The leaves are naturally caffeinated and are grown on sustainable family farms. Click here to get Herbal Goodness Guayusa Leaf Tea. 


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