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A look at New Year's resolutions and the reality of making them a priority in 2016

As 2015 comes to a close and we start looking towards the new year and what we want to accomplish with 2016, make sure to include health at the top of your resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being broken, but in this post, we’re here to show you the best ways of attaining your goals through some of the most popular resolutions made each year. 


On average, New Year’s resolutions are broken by over 50% of people who make them 6 months into the new year. This post is meant to help you keep your goals for healthier wellbeing on track, whether that be through maintaining a healthy weight, exercising more, or simply focusing on getting your daily fruits and veggies in each day. 

Here are the top resolutions going into next year and how you can keep these promises to yourself.

Lose Weight

One of the hardest resolutions to commit to due to the tenacity of extra weight on your body. This goal is for those who love a good challenge and are not afraid of the more daunting aspects of weight loss and the fact that it encompasses multiple resolutions in one - i.e. healthy diet, exercising more. 

How to keep this resolution

  • Create a detailed workout plan and write down exactly how you’re going to keep to it every week. Get into the mindset that this is a revolution for your whole body and lifestyle, not just one small aspect, such as eating less. This is about losing weight in a healthy way while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Use a food journal to keep track of what you eat every day.
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Exercise More

This is another popular resolution made, usually in unison with weight loss, but sometimes just as a way to feel healthier and have more energy. Exercising more is a great way to stay productive from the start of the year since physical activity that breaks a sweat is known for increased creativity, focus, and a generally more positive mindset. 

How to keep this resolution:

  • Tie in exercising more with saving money this year to have extra cash for fun things like traveling to that tropical island you’ve always wanted to see in the Caribbean! By having more reasons behind why you should exercise more, there’s a greater chance you’ll keep your initial resolve. To save money, think of riding your bike or using public transit to get to work or get around town on the weekends.
  • Get inspired on Pinterest by one of the many infographic workouts. Take part in a new workout challenge every month that focuses on a different part of the body. 
  • Load up your iPod with a ton of new music that you know will inspire you on those days that are the hardest for working out, especially while getting through winter.
  • Get inspired to learn a new skill, such as yoga, dance, or pilates with YouTube. If you search for most physical activities, you’ll be taken to a variety of great YouTube channels for 30 minutes to hour-long workouts that teach you a new skill. 
  • If saving money isn’t so much of an issue for you, think of investing in a product such as ClassPass, which allows you to try out a bunch of different gyms and studios in your hometown. You'll be able to take a variety of fitness classes and find new favorite spots where you live. Variety is a good way to keep you motivated, and they say it’s the spice of life, after all. 

Reduce Alcohol Intake 

A glass of wine or beer here or there is actually said to be good for your health, but if having raucous nights of drinking is your weekly ritual, you may want to reassess your health and make this one of your New Year’s resolutions. Alcohol in large doses can affect your brain’s neurotransmitters and can increase the risk of depression, memory loss, and even seizures and that's only the beginning. If you continuously over a drink, it can mean much more in the way of health problems later on in life. 

This is a great goal to have if you’re looking to increase your overall energy and be productive with your work. I think we all know that hangovers are not the best for productivity!

How to keep this resolution:

  • Take part in a sober month. i.e. Sober January. They’re getting bigger these days and they're a great experiment to try out with your friends to keep each other motivated. Promise to not drink for a month and see if your body feels differently after your 30 days are up, you may even want to make it a regular quarterly detox. 
  • If you’re a social drinker, take on the challenge every now and then of being social with friends and new acquaintances without the crutch of alcohol. Offer to be a regular designated driver and you'll be everyone’s best friend. Learning how to still have fun without alcohol can be one of the most beneficial things for a social drinker to learn. 

Get More Sleep

Something a lot of us lack is enough sleep every night. We're either just too busy to fit in all the hours of the day or we're pure insomniacs and find it hard to shut off our brain at night. However, if you’re looking to again increase your productivity and energy levels (isn’t that what we all want for a new year?), this is the perfect resolution for you!

In addition, not getting enough sleep can reduce your life expectancy, so even if you feel like you’re missing out by getting enough sleep each night, it’ll help to give you more time in the long run. Sleep can also drastically improve your appearance and stress levels, which will only make you feel better about yourself inside and out for the new year. 

How to keep this resolution:

  • I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but the phone app, sleep cycle, can do wonders in giving you insight about your sleep habits and even what you can improve on. Set it to record your sleep cycle every night and start to understand how much sleep your body should be getting, and when you should be heading to bed for the most restful nights. 
  • If you have insomniac tendencies, limit your time in bed or even your bedroom to only when you’re sleeping. Don’t read, watch TV, or eat in bed. It’s all about training your mind to associate sleep with getting into bed. 


I know, crazy right? Something as fun as travel can actually be good for your health, which is why it’s included in this list of resolutions! Americans are notorious for not taking their vacation days and having addicted work-life personalities. However, with all the new productivity and energy you’ll have at the start of the year with these other resolutions, you’ll be ahead on your work anyway! 

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Travel lets us gain a new perspective, spend time with loved ones, or increase confidence in yourself as a solo traveler. It’s a way to appreciate where you live and expand your mind in learning something new in another culture or city. Breaking out of routine can actually be really great for your mental health. 

How to keep this resolution:

  • Start putting a little money away each month for a trip every 3-6 months. It could be $50 every month or $1,000, but keep it separate from all of your other savings. It’s only to be used for travel or that one bucket list item you’ve always wanted to do. You’d be surprised at how much you can save in a short amount of time and how inexpensive travel can be when you start doing your research. Can you imagine how many amazing places there are just a 2-hour drive or flight from where you live?
  • Read travel blogs. Not convinced on the benefits of making travel a priority in your life yet? Start reading inspirational travel blogs and you’ll be inspired in no time to make an effort to travel. 
  • Download apps such as SkyScanner on your phone and get alerts for travel deals sent directly to your mobile. What better excuse to make a trip than snagging that $200 discounted flight you’ve been eyeing?

Those would be our top 5 resolutions for 2016, what are yours? Are there any recommendations you would suggest for keeping yearly goals and aspirations? 

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