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What is the importance of vitamin D in the winter? Well, firstly we need to know what the importance of vitamin D is no matter what the season is, summer, fall, spring. Without the right amount of vitamin D in your body, you could struggle to regulate your calcium and phosphorus intake. When this is the case then the maintenance of your healthy teeth and bones decreases. Everyone wants that billion-dollar smile, and vitamin D plays a big part in getting there and maintaining it. Vitamin D does not just help with your outside appearance, it goes deeper into your body too. It supports your immune system, your nervous system, and your brain. Seems to be an all-rounder, right?  

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What will happen when you do not have enough Vitamin D.

Seeing as vitamin D helps aid your bones and teeth, the lack thereof will mean bone ache, joint pains and so on. Not only are there physical problems that can occur, but also more holistic problems. You could feel less happy, lazier and have less of a drive to do anything. The Monday blues would seem to last 7 days a week. Without vitamin D you could be more susceptible to the problems that come with age, being more forgetful, for example. Problems with your heart could occur, and the list goes on. It is always best to see a doctor when you have one or more of these symptoms.


The Importance of Vitamin D in the Winter.

Now, let’s focus on why this article is particularly aimed at the importance of vitamin D in the winter. Vitamin D is associated with the Sun. It is the vitamin that you absorb through your skin, however too much is dangerous too, but that is another story. Too little is also harmful, and in the winter months the sun cannot do its job properly due to clouds, as well as you needing to dress up warm, so exposing less skin to the suns rays. In summer it is easy; you can simply step outside for 20-30 minutes between 11 am and 3 pm, then you are all set with Vitamin D for the day. Do be careful of the hours the sun is at the highest though, you do not want to risk getting a sunburn. Therefore in winter, you need to be proactive and seek out other ways to get vitamin D.

Luckily the sun is not the only way to get vitamin D. You can find vitamin D in foods too, for example, Salmon is rich in vitamin D. Anyone up for going to get some sushi? Other fish sorts also have vitamin D. However, if fish isn’t your thing, you can eat eggs, or drink some milk. Sadly, none of the foods are as strong as the sun-rays. But eating these foods is a more simple way to get that extra bit of vitamin D in when the sun can’t reach you.


You are a ray of sunshine.

So with all this in mind, you can now see why there is such importance of vitamin D in the winter. With the right amount of vitamin D all year round, you will be a ray of sunshine even in the winter months. Your billion dollar smile will radiate to everyone you smile at, and your bones and teeth will have that extra boost of healthiness no matter how grey it is outside. You will be adding the color where ever you go.

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