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At Herbal Goodness, we salute your vision, which is why we encourage you to develop a life checklist. After all and despite the challenges that you have experienced, you have the vision, drive, hopefulness and trust to live a better life. Come January, you may set clear, specific goals. Another action that you might take is to listen to positive deep meditation tapes, positive affirmations and take the time to sit still. Yet, in today's busy world, this may not be enough, especially if you're juggling family, community work, support a worship center and freelance or work outside your home.  We know the challenge. Herbal Goodness' founder, Dr. Unoma Okorafor, balances family and owning and managing the health goods company that also makes social good a priority. 

A get your life together checklist, also known as a life checklist, can be used to keep your finances on track. You can also use a life checklist to ensure that you exercise enough, make smart career choices and incorporate a healthy diet into your life. This is important because, as Harvard Health Publishing shares, living a long life may be due to genes and how you take control of your life. In fact, Harvard Health Publishing shares that, other than genes, when it comes to living long, "Not smoking, eating healthfully, getting plenty of exercise, and limiting alcohol matter the most."1 

How To Get Your Life Together

Other ways that a life checklist can help you to achieve your goals and live your best life is to help you to make better choices by keeping your most important goals in front of you. This is why it's a good idea to keep a get your life together checklist above your home office desk or above your living room television. Other places to keep a get your life together checklist are on the refrigerator and next to your bathroom mirror. 

Also, if you're an entrepreneur or you want to start your own business or sell more products, consider complementing your life checklist with a life events checklist. A life events checklist includes items like trade shows, conferences, webinars and networking events you'll attend. Add dates, times and locations for activities on  your life events checklist. Doing so will save you time, keeping you from having to search for those details hours or days before the events kickoff. 

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Here are types of activities to add to your life checklist. Track your progress on a daily or weekly basis. Be honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable for sticking to your life checklist and your life events checklist. 

  • Move your body in healthy ways. Examples of this include running on a treadmill, riding a bicycle, jogging outside or enjoying a walk around your neighborhood, being mindful that it's important to always be safe.
  • Complete household chores (make sure that everyone living in your home participates). This includes de-cluttering, washing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, watering plants and opening windows to let air naturally ventilate your home.
  • Evaluate and improve your mental attitude. On your life checklist, write down or type positive actions that you will take to lift your mood each day. For instance, you might wake with a moment of thanksgiving. Or you might listen to music that you love, music that makes you feel good in the morning. In the evening, you might wind down with a relaxing cup of Herbal Goodness herbal tea.
  • Create a spreadsheet to track goals on your life checklist. Types of goals to track on your life checklist include weight loss goals, higher education goals, career sales goals and family goals. For example, you might have a goal to spend one uninterrupted hour a day with your children.
  • Relax for 30 to 60 minutes a day. For you, relaxation may take place at night before you go to bed. Also, afternoons may prove a great time to enjoy a walk in nature.
  • Healthy eating and drinking goals are very important. On your life checklist, you might list that you will limit your sugar intake to one to two desserts a week. If you drink soda, you also might limit your soda intake to one to two sodas a week. Additionally, you might snack on organic HerbalGoodness herbs like guava leaves and papaya leaves. 

Prepare To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

As with any good achievement, living your ideal life takes preparation. In addition to developing and maintaining the right mindset, you need to prepare to get the right resources, tools and support. Because eating and drinking food and beverages that fuel your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and protein is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, map out a plan for how you are going to get healthy food and beverages. 

For example, decide where you are going to get raw vegetables like kale, collard greens, turnips and spinach from. Choose stores that carry organic vegetables. Also, decide where you are going to get raw fruit like mango, pineapple, oranges and apples. It's at these same places where you might find multivitamins, energy supplements and low carb treats. 

While you prepare to live a healthy lifestyle, don't stop at creating a life checklist or a life events checklist. Stock up on organic super fruit, supplements and non-GMO extracts that support your life checklist. When you stock up on your organic super fruit, supplements and non-GMO extracts at HerbalGoodness, make sure that you take advantage of the Herbal Goodness gift certificates. 

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Keep up with Herbal Goodness and you can also discover what the woman owned and managed healthy goods company is doing to help girls and women in other parts of the world to achieve their personal and community life events checklist goals. For instance, when you keep up with Herbal Goodness by subscribing to its newsletter, you can learn more about the WAAW Foundation, an organization headquartered in Nigeria, Africa that Herbal Goodness supports. 

The WAAW Foundation works with girls and women in Africa, helping them to learn STEM and other academic and science based subjects. Herbal Goodness also offers scholarships to families of the farmers it partners with, farmers who work the very non-GMO lands that help HerbalGoodness offer you organic, non-GMO teas, herbs, extracts, super fruit and supplements. It's through these and other combined efforts that you can make the get your life together checklist real in your life and in the lives of people living in other parts of the world.  Click here to get Herbal Goodness organic super fruit products. 


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