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You might be a multi-tasking Jedi. But, that doesn't mean that you don't feel overwhelmed from time to time. It also doesn't mean that there aren't work, family or money challenges that sometimes keep you up at night. Here's one thing that you can do to stop the madness and relax. Before you tell yourself that you don't have time to do this, check out these benefits that can be derived from meditation or practicing mindfulness. And, consider this. You can enhance mind relaxation by drinking a cup of Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea. 

Meditation reduces stress. And, isn't that the real culprit? Stress, generally caused from worrying about events, people or situations that you can't control, is so often the root of discomfort. 

Not only does meditation reduce stress, it also helps keep anxiety from robbing you of a good night of sleep. Emotional well being, better mood, more inner clarity and improved memory are other meditation benefits.1 Additionally, these benefits can have a domino effect, positively impacting sleep, alertness and relationships. 

So, consider making time to sit still, close your eyes, breathe deeply and calm your mind with these life hacks. Motivate yourself by committing to enjoying a warm cup of Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea  after you finish meditating. It may be a very good move. After all, guava, a mildly sweet fruit with a soft pulp and edible seeds, is an anti-inflammatory food. It can also improve oral health, blood sugar and digestion.2 Outside of stress, oral pain and an upset stomach are definitely two experiences that could disturb your peace. 

Types of Meditation

Also, when it comes to meditation, you have options. Fact is, there isn't one way to meditate or practice mindfulness. For example, when it comes to your peace of mind, you could practice: 

  • Metta Meditation3 - Also known as the loving kindness meditation, during this meditation, you focus on people, places and experiences that you appreciate. By the time you finish the meditation, the goal is to develop love and kindness toward everything. This includes people, pets or situations that have been causing you to feel stressed.
  • Body Scan - Mentally scan your mind. Be on the lookout for areas of your body that feel tight or tense. Breathe deeply and relax until you feel the tension leave your body.
  • Mindful Breathing - Of all the mindfulness exercises, this is a type of meditation that you may be most familiar with. Breath slowly, taking in deep breathes. Actually be aware of your breathing. Do this for three to five minutes and see if you don't feel less tense.
  • Transcendental Meditation - While you breathe slowly and deeply, repeat a mantra. The goal is to practice mindfulness until you not only feel peace of mind, but until you feel like you're transcending or rising above your current mental and physical states. Transcendental meditation is often used as a guided meditation. 

Stick With Mindfulness Exercises

You don't have to sit in a lotus position to meditate. And, you don't have to meditate for long periods. In fact, you can sit on your sofa or the edge of your bed and meditate. As a note, it may feel challenging the first few times that you meditate. 

One thing is certain. You'll see how much the mind wanders. For example, the first two to three times that you meditate, as hard as you try, your mind, including your subconscious mind, might drift to a work project, your child's school grades or an argument that you had with your partner. 

Despite these early challenges, stick with mindfulness exercises. These life hacks pay off. Soon, your mind may focus and relax quicker, easier. Even when you're not meditating, you may feel more relaxed and confident. Definitely give yourself a gift to look forward to as you develop a meditation schedule. Treat yourself to a cup of Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea. 

guava leaf tea herbal goodness

Getting your guava leaf tea from Herbal Goodness can gift you with more peace of mind. This may come as you consider that you're supporting girls education in Africa when you buy guava leaf tea from Herbal Goodness. It's also good to know that Herbal Goodness donates 10% of its profits to Working to Advance African Women (WAAW) Foundation. Herbal Goodness' goal is to reach 10,000 girls a year. That's peace of mind from practicing mindfulness coupled with peace of mind knowing that you're helping a little girl gain a valuable education. Click here to enjoy a good sleep with Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea. () 


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