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The holidays are over and I'm sure you are looking for ways to get rid of excess food or to lose the few pounds you gained. A quick and safe way to do this is with Papaya seeds. 

Papaya seeds come from the Papaya fruit itself. They are little brown seeds that can help to cleanse your system of several things.

Papaya seeds contain  properties that may help to flush out harmful microorganisms from your intestinal tract.

Papaya seeds have been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine to cleanse the liver of toxins.

Studies have shown that incorporating Papaya Seeds into your diet will leave you feeling lighter and healthier.

Herbal Goodness Detox Challenge

There are several ways through which you can incorporate papaya seeds into your diet. Join our Detox Challenge starting 2nd January and stand a chance to win our $100 gift card plus a 30-minute guided meditation session with Khadijah Rbz.

The goal of this challenge is to infuse lots of water with a modified diet along with Herbal Goodness Papaya Seed Capsules. Download the Detox Challenge Guide below for more details.


  1. Make a green smoothie and add some papaya seeds.

Green leaves contain fiber which is good for your digestive health. Add a teaspoon or two of Papaya Seed Extract into your smoothie and drink.

Repeat this consistently for three days for the best natural detox cleanse. Make sure to stay off sugar and unhealthy meals during this process. You can limit your diet to fruits, legumes, and other vegetables.

Three days is recommended because it takes your body a little while rid your system completely of toxins. 

The best Papaya Seeds come from Herbal Goodness and you can find it right here at a good price.

2. Drink Papaya Seed Tea

Papaya Seed Tea

Switch your favorite coffee for a cup of papaya seed tea for three days and watch your body come back to life.

Drink a cup of papaya seed tea after each meal. You can add honey to your tea, your intestines love honey as it contains antibacterial properties which aid quick digestion.

3.  Add Papaya Seed to Your Salad

You can switch up your salad this season by using Papaya Seed Liquid Extract as a dressing instead of oil.

It will be a great way to detox your liver and spice up your salad and your body will thank you for it.

4. Use it as an alternative to black pepper

If you love black pepper as I do, you can give it up for a few days and replace it with papaya seed powder. Papaya seed powder will do more wonders for your body than black pepper.

Read more about it here

Please note, Papaya seeds have a host of potential side effects, especially when consumed in excess.

Make sure you are aware of the side effects before you start papaya seed therapy, more so if you have stomach ulcers or other digestive issues.

Pregnant women and those on blood-thinning medications also need to exercise caution with papaya seeds, so it’s best to consult your physician first before getting started.

Learn more about Papaya Seeds from a variety of topics on our blog.

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