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Gymnema Sylvestre shrubs are another proof that nature, particularly in the plant, seed, and fruit form, is kind. It's a reason why we must allow nature to thrive by keeping soil GMO-free, planting trees and shrubs, and practicing environmentally friendly acts. Herbal Goodness respects nature by farming in non-GMO soil and using safe manufacturing processes. At Herbal Goodness, bringing you optimum organic Gymnema Sylvestre tea, superfruits and plants is a priority. After all, Gymnema tea, extracts, and supplements are only at their best when they are natural versus heavily processed.

What Is Gymnema Tea Good For?

People living in Africa, India and Australia have been familiar with the Gymnema Sylvestre shrub and Gymnema Sylvestre tea for years. The shrubs look like small trees in forested areas or when grown on farms. These evergreen trees grow from eight to fifteen feet tall. Buds on Gymnema Sylvestre are an olive color. Fully ripened, the buds can turn reddish pink.

Woody vines on Gymnema sylvestre require adequate shade to thrive. It's also best not to over water the tree, especially if you want the tree to yield Gymnema tea benefits such as those found in Herbal Goodness organic teas. And, regarding Gymnema tea benefits, there several traditional usages that Gymnema sylvestre has been sought out for. Among these benefits are blood sugar support, help with snakebite recovery and insect reactions.1 

In fact, some people drink Gymnema tea and take Gymnema supplements to help curb their appetite. They may do this to support healthy weight, help regulate blood sugar and support their energy levels. According to Healthline, "gynmemic acid blocks the sugar receptors on your taste buds."1 It's this benefit that may help Gymnema tea to support appetite management for sugary foods and drinks like brownies, cookies, pies, soda and sugary fruit juices. 

Even more, Gymnema sylvestre is also referred to as gurmar. The word gurmar is a Hindu word that means "destroyer of sugar". This could be why Gymnema tea is drank to slow the absorption of sugar. However, more scientific studies are needed to determine the impact that Gymnema tea has on humans, including its ability to support blood sugar. 

More Reasons To Drink Gymnema Tea

Aside from the fact that Gymnema tea is easy to prepare, leaves off the evergreen shrub have been reported to slow fat absorption. Cholesterol levels and immune support are others reasons why people drink Gymnema tea. Also, the National Center for Biotechnology Information shares that people have been using Gymnema sylvestre for 2,000 years.2 

During a laboratory study, Gymnema sylvestre was used by students to measure the effectiveness of the herb as it regards blocking sugar taste. As shared by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the students experienced a decline in their perceptions of sugar taste while eating food like chocolate, sugar and sweet and sour candy. For some, the impact of Gymnema sylvestre was similar to eating salt while tasting a sugary food. Another feature about Gymnema sylvestre and Gymnema tea is that the herb is relatively inexpensive. 

Of course, as with all supplements, teas, extracts and plants that you introduce to your system, it's advisable to consult with your physician first. Definitely check with your physician before you combine Gymnema tea with other drugs. For example, it's been advised not to combine Gymnema tea with prescribed blood sugar medications. 

What Is In Gymnema Sylvestre?

Get the most out of Herbal Goodness Gymnema sylvestre by eating a healthy diet, exercising and making decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle. This might include drinking a cup of Herbal Goodness Gymnema tea and eating fresh fruit for breakfast, enjoying an afternoon walk or other form of exercise and getting enough sleep at night. 

In other words, when it comes to  how to take gymnema sylvestre, make sure that you don't overload on sugar and become inactive, then drink the tea expecting it to support your overall health. Yet, on an average diet, drinking Gymnema tea can yield results. But, what's in Gymnema sylvestre? 

Gymnema sylvestre has calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and manganese. Regarding how to take gymnema sylvestre, if you place the leaves in boiling water for several minutes or drink a cup of organic Herbal Goodness Gymnema tea, you may release more of the herb's enzymes and amino acids into your body. After all, it's through the leaves that you may get more benefits, especially considering that it's in leaf form that the herb is most at its natural state. 

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Ways To Get Gymnema Tea

If you grow the Gymnema sylvestre shrub, you could clean and prepare the leaves, seeping them in a pot of boiling water before drinking Gymnema tea. Supplement form or in a capsule are other options when it comes to how to take Gymnema sylvestre. But, you may not experience as much sugary taste reduction this way. 

For this reason, you may want to go with Herbal Goodness Gymnema tea. The tea has a bitter taste. Some have said that the tea has a spinach-like taste. But, you may find it's warm texture, when enjoyed as a tea, relaxing. Also, as tempting as it may be, avoid adding lots of sugar to the tea. 

Should you take Gymnema sylvestre in capsule or pill form, look for a supplement that has 25% gymnemic acid or higher, preferably closer to 75%. One more tip, take Gymnema with food. A side effect of Gymnema is that it could cause an upset stomach. Supplements should have between 200 mg and 400 mg of Gymnema. But, don't overdo it. Follow dosage suggestions. For example, adhere to recommended dosages listed on HerbalGoodness Gymnema sylvestre products, including Herbal Goodness Gymnema tea. 

Also, get Gymnema sylvestre from health food companies that steer clear of adding processed additives to the herb. Watch Herbal Goodness organic tea manufacturing videos to see Herbal Goodness' teas are made. You may appreciate that Herbal Goodness knows farmers who harvest its Gymnema sylvestre on a personal basis. In fact, Herbal Goodness leaders visit these farms in-person. Another step that Herbal Goodness takes is to offer academic scholarships to children of farmers the company works with. Caring for Mother Earth is a priority at Herbal Goodness, so too is supporting the very men and women who plant, nurture and harvest the plants and herbs that HerbalGoodness manufactures and offers to you, someone who's decided to take responsibility for her own health. Click here to get Herbal Goodness organic herbal teas. 


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