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Nothing better than starting the subject by defining what mental health is. In general, the term is used to refer to everything that involves the psychological, social and emotional well-being of an individual, factors that directly affect our actions, decisions and relationships. It is important to mention that the search for mental health is not exclusive to people who suffer from psychological or mental disorders, just as health care should not only occur when you are sick. This explains why there's always mental health awareness annually; an ongoing effort to reduce the stigma around mental health conditions. Keeping your mental health up to date involves a constant search for quality of life through self-care, healthy relationships, stimulating habits and maintaining a solid support network around you. Below are four Health tips for maintaining your mental health:


  1. Practice Self-care

Self-care is a set of actions that each person takes to take care of themselves. In this sense, it is important to maintain a constant practice of emotional self-care e.g. self-forgiveness, self-compassion and seeking self-knowledge; physical self-care e.g. starting to walk or run outdoors; spiritual self-care e.g. meditating, saying a prayer, or simply connecting with nature; and social self-care i.e. connecting with other. When these actions are in balance, the feeling of well-being and happiness is greater, which positively impacts other sectors of your life, such as professional and personal. 


  1. Take Care of Your Body

Having a healthy diet, rich in fruits, greens and vegetables cooperates with health in many ways, including with the mind and the brain. Avoid fried foods, fats and excess salt, in addition to drinking an average of two litres of water per day, which can be distributed in water, juices and teas and fruits, such as watermelon and melon. Make sure you invest in foods and/or supplements that give you a healthy brain boost. Herbal Goodness' Mushroom Blend Extract and Super Greens powder are great supplements for your brain health. Performing physical activity on a daily basis is another body care routine that contributes to mental health, as it releases chemical substances (dopamine and serotonin) responsible for the feeling of well-being, improving mood and relaxation of the body, in addition to helping to take care of physical health and avoiding diseases. Be aware of your body and your desires and remember to take some time out of your daily life to take care of yourself. Invest in what boosts your self-esteem. Having a skincare routine, for example, works for many people. Find what makes sense to you and take care of yourself!


  1. Prioritize Sleep Quality 

Speaking of which, to keep your mental health up to date, it is essential to sleep well. So adopt a routine that facilitates this moment. Avoid caffeine for at least 8 hours before bedtime, stay away from the television and cell phone for at least 30 minutes before bedtime, and always try to go to bed at the same time. Sleeping at least 8 hours every day elevates mental health and is also essential for maintaining immunity and disposition. Sleeping well is extremely important for mental health. When you sleep poorly or get little sleep, you will feel anxious, stressed and irritable, which will affect your ability to concentrate and reason, in addition to increasing the chances of developing more serious mental disorders.


  1. Take Good Care of Your Relationships

Our relationship with family and friends is very important for our mental health, both in the search for support and in the motivation to take care of our own well-being so as not to generate concerns. More than that, being grateful and helping others boosts morale and promotes a positive feeling for mental wellness. Having people who can support you emotionally, mentally and in a practical way positively influences our physical and mental health. Being able to ask friends, family and co-workers for help is very important, as it helps to reduce the level of stress and anxiety. Having someone to count on in difficult times increases the feeling of well-being and helps to better deal with difficulties throughout life.


In conclusion, the human brain can reorganize itself due to external stimuli. This means that it is possible to improve your brain health and mental health through the aforementioned health practices. When it seems like none of the above is working for you, it's time to have a conversation with a mental health therapist for optimum positive outcome.


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