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At Herbal Goodness, we know that the cat's claw plant is gaining attention. Also known as the cat's claw herb, the plant is a tropical vine that grows as tall as a tree, reaching 98 feet up. If you're wondering why this vine would be called cat's claw, you're not alone. The vine got its name due to its appearance. Years ago, people said that the vine offering cats claw benefits looked similar to actual cats' claws.1 And, that's how the plant got its name. 

Cat's Claw Benefits

Cats claw benefits range from a variety of immune support functions. In the past, some women used cats claw as a form of contraceptive. However, not all of the cats claw benefits have been substantiated by science. But, people have been using the cat's claw herb for 2,000 years, mainly in Central America and South America. The cats claw plant also grows in the Amazon Forest.1   

The icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai shares that test tube research on cat's claw may show that the herb can help reduce the amount of water retained by the body. It has also been indicated that cat's claw benefits may include muscle relaxation and the elimination of free radicals.2 Additionally, cats claw continues to be studied to determine if the herb could offer more cats claw benefits. 

For example, cats claw is being studied to see if it offers kidney support and support for bladder issues. There are two common types of cats claw that are widely known. These are the uncaria guiannsis and uncaria tomentosa types. As noted, similar to the history of other herbs and plants, people have been using the cat's claw herb to deal with internal and external conditions. Of all the cats claw benefits, the more commonly known benefit deals with inflammation. 

Cat's Claw Dietary Supplement

It's the bark and root of the plant that are used to support adult bodily systems. Also, the time of year that the herb is harvested may impact the herb's effectiveness. At Herbal Goodness, we work with farmers who plant and harvest the herb at optimum times so that we can offer you premium cats claw benefits. Our farmers also plant and harvest in non-GMO areas. 

To yield cats claw benefits, adults use the herb as a dietary supplement. For instance, you could drink a cup of Herbal Goodness cat's claw in the morning or you could take one droplet of Herbal Goodness cat's claw before breakfast. It may take one to three weeks to start experiencing cats claw benefits. But, first you need to learn more about cat's claw. Before using the herb, familiarize yourself about its usages and side effects. 

Cat's Claw Herb Usages and Side Effects

Follow dosage instructions associated with the particular type of cat's claw that you get. Because cat's claw has not been studied for usage by children, avoid giving the herb to children absent a physician's instruction. Although cat's claw is reported to have few known side effects, some people have experienced side effects with cat's claw including dizziness, loose bowels and nausea. Tannin levels in the plant have been known to cause the aforementioned side effects in some people. Low blood pressure is another side effect that some people have experienced. Side effects may occur for some people if they consume large amounts of cat's claw. As with other herbs and supplements, check with your physician about side effects that might be associated with using cat's claw while taking certain medications. 

It's also important to check with your physician before using cat's claw if you have an existing health condition. Also, when used for short periods, cat's claw may yield no or few side effects. For this reason, you may want to use cat's claw for two to three weeks. Pay attention to how you feel and then either continue using the herb or alternate using cat's claw with another HerbalGoodness organic plant or super fruit. 

You might also want to know that because Herbal Goodness sources for top quality cat's claw, in addition to getting organic, GMO free cat's claw, with Herbal Goodness, you increase your chances of getting clean cat's claw which can reduce or eliminate side effects. In fact, this might be another major reason to get cat's claw benefits from Herbal Goodness products. The more care farmers and manufacturers invest in planting, harvesting and preparing cat's claw herb for usage, the more improved the quality of the herb may be. It's this care that sets Herbal Goodness apart. But, if you've use Herbal Goodness organic teas, supplements, super fruits and herbs before, you already know how good the products are. 

Start Enjoying the Cats Claw Plant

And, although this may be the first time that you have heard of the cats claw plant, don't let that stop you from considering adding cats claw to your diet. After all, the cats claw plant has been grown for centuries. This tropical vine is available here at Herbal Goodness in tea and liquid extract form. For example, you can get a one ounce bottle or a 12 ounce bottle of Cat's Claw Liquid Extract from us right here at Herbal Goodness. 

cats claw liquid extract

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Also, whether you get Herbal Goodness cat's claw in tea or liquid extract form, through these organic products, you may open yourself up to cats claw benefits that support autoimmunity and inflammation. Depending on your lifestyle, you could especially appreciate cats claw benefits that support inflammation. For example, if you eat a diet that includes pastries and sweet beverages, you could be absorbing sugar at levels that encourage inflammation.  

This isn't what you want if you're looking to walk, run and move absent stiffness. As a potential workaround, you could reduce your sugar intake. You could also replace sugary foods with cat's claw. After you start enjoying cats claw benefits, make sure that you adhere to the recommended dosages. Herbal Goodness includes recommended dosages on all of its cat's claw products. Click here to get Herbal Goodness Cats Claw organic tea and liquid extract. 


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