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For billions of people, their mother is the most influential person in their life. A mother is the first person that many children enter into a deep relationship with. It's no wonder that children and adults look for creative ways to say Happy Mother's Day. Here at Herbal Goodness, mother's day is especially sweet because it was while she was carrying her child that Herbal Goodness' founder, Dr. Unoma Okorafor, received the idea to launch the business that offers organic super foods, teas, extracts and supplements to adults seeking to either improve their health or maintain good health. 

Motherhood And Herbal Goodness

In fact, Herbal Goodness' founder was pregnant with her child when she began her search for healthy, organic food like papaya and guava, two of the super foods sold right here at Herbal Goodness. Today, Dr. Unoma Okorafor extends more than Happy Mother's Day wishes to you. She and the Herbal Goodness team aim to share the benefits of non-GMO, organic herbs, teas, extracts and fruit with you as you take ownership of your overall health. 

Ironically, Happy Mother's Day was started as a holiday by the mother of Anna Jarvis, a social activist, to celebrate and support all mothers, including sisters, aunt, cousins and women who had miscarried or lost a child. Considering that there are millions of women who have had these experiences, the larger community focus of the holiday's original roots makes sense. Time shares that Anna Jarvis' mother initially had the idea to start a day to support and honor mothers. 

Anna's mother had 13 children. However, only four of her children survived childhood and lived to become adults.1 Back then, 15% to 30% of children living in the Appalachian area in the United States where the Jarvis family lived, didn't get to celebrate their first birthday. During those early mother's day events, doctors were invited to educate local mothers on ways to support and improve their children's health, a step that is helpful whether women are celebrating Happy Mother's Day in English, Happy Mother's Day in Spanish or another global language. 

Happy Mother's Day Sister

In addition to making Happy Mother's Day a time to educate mothers on how they could practice good hygiene and strengthen and support their children's health, Anna Jarvis' mother wanted to use the day to focus on the matchless service that mothers give to their children and families. And, this is how the day includes all women who have carried a child in their womb. In fact, it's what makes Happy Mother's Day Sister so special. 

Before mother's day became an official holiday, three women championed the celebration. Among those women are Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe and Anna M. Jarvis (daughter of Anna Reeves Jarvis). Julia Howe was a poet, reformer and woman who volunteered with the U. S. Sanitary Commission.2 She pushed for the hygiene and care of soldiers and hospital cleanliness.

Today, Happy Mother's Day is celebrated by families in countries around the world. For example, women, men and children living in the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Japan, Australia and the Philippines celebrate the holiday which is often acknowledged during the second Sunday in May. At Herbal Goodness, we know that little surpasses celebrating being a mom than Happy Mother's Day Sister events. 

Brunch at your sister's and your favorite local restaurant, an afternoon at the spa and an evening enjoying a hit live stage play are a few ways to create memorable Happy Mother's Day Sister experiences. Cooking a healthy breakfast or dinner with HerbalGoodness herbs, teas and fruit while sharing happy childhood memories with your sister is another way to enjoy Happy Mother's Day Sister experiences. Following are ways to say Happy Mother's Day to your mother, sister, aunts, cousins and other women in your life in the sweetest ways. 

Sweet Ways To Say Happy Mother's Day

One of the easiest ways to say Happy Mother's Day to family, colleagues and friends is to focus on what you appreciate about the mothers you know. Let your heart overflow with love and appreciation for these amazing women. And, consider adding one or more of the following actions to your mother's day traditions. 

  1. Leave a note of appreciation under your mother's pillow or on the table next to your mother's favorite chair
  2. Create a colorful Happy Mother's Day card
  3. Serenade your mother to an upbeat song about love
  4. Text a customized mother's day message
  5. Invite moms to an outdoor barbeque
  6. Take in a drive-in movie on the eve of mother's day
  7. Call and leave a heartwarming message on your mom's voice mail
  8. Have a sleepover with your sisters and mom
  9. Ask your local radio station to play a touching song that you dedicate to your mother
  10. Post a creative Happy Mother's Day message on the social media page of moms you know
  11. Spend the afternoon hanging out with your mom
  12. Buy your mom her favorite cologne
  13. Gift your mom with a bouquet of roses
  14. Build a basket of Herbal Goodness organic herbs, plants, teas and extracts for the mothers you know
  15. Give the mothers in your life a Herbal Goodness gift card 

Happy Mother's Day From Herbal Goodness

Gymnema Leaf tea

Herbal Goodness Gymnema  Leaf Tea makes a good Happy Mother's Day gift, especially when combined with a Herbal Goodness gift card. Gynmema Sylvestre shrubs are another proof that nature, particularly in plant, seed and fruit form, is kind. Our Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Tea contains gymnemic acids that helps delay glucose absorption in the blood by temporarily suppressing sweetness from sucrose and artificial sweeteners, such a sweet defeat! This tea is helps support healthy blood sugar levels, talk about a great mother's day gift. 

But, treating the mothers in your life to Herbal Goodness organic, non-GMO products isn't all that you offer mothers you love. When you purchase organic, health food products from Herbal Goodness, you support girls and mothers in Africa. You do this because Herbal Goodness supports the Working to Advance Science and Technology Education (WAAW) Foundation. It's through WAAW that women and girls in Africa are provided a rewarding education that focuses on STEM. 

Another way that Herbal Goodness supports women is by offering scholarships to families of its women farmers. Through the scholarships, we support women and mothers living in areas like Ecuador and India. In addition, all of our health food products are manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, facilities where we manufacture healthy food, fruit and supplements are inspected by the United States Food and Drug Administration. We believe and conduct our business in support of social good and we deliver on our promises. Click here to get our Gymnema Leaf Tea.


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