Mushroom Blends - Powerful Adaptogens - 8oz - Herbal Goodness

Mushroom Blends - Powerful Adaptogens - 8oz - Herbal Goodness

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Experience the Power of Nature with our Mushroom Blends! Discover a curated collection of premium mushroom blends that harness the incredible benefits of these ancient superfoods. From immune-boosting blends to stress-relieving formulas, our mushroom blends offer a natural solution for your wellness needs. Explore the wonders of nature and unlock your potential with our Mushroom Blends today!


Brain Power Mushroom Blend

Introducing our Mushroom Brain Power blend! This specially crafted blend of four (4) powerful mushrooms and cocoa powder is designed to enhance brain power, providing a natural cognitive boost. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients known for their brain-boosting properties, this blend supports focus, mental clarity, and overall cognitive function.

Ingredients: Cordyceps, Black hoof, Maitake, Lion's mane, Cocoa


Defendify Mushroom Blend

Introducing our Defendify Mushroom Blend, a combination of four (4) immune-boosting mushrooms to aid your body's natural defense system. Packed with powerful antioxidants and immune-boosting compounds, this blend supports a strong and resilient immune system, helping you stay healthy and protected. Enhance your body's ability to maintain optimal well-being with our carefully curated blend that supports immunity from within.

Ingredients: Chaga, Lion's mane, Turkey tail, Maitake


Power-Up Mushroom Blend

Experience the Power-Up Mushroom Blend, a revitalizing fusion of potent mushrooms designed to provide a natural and sustained energy boost. Bursting with invigorating properties, this blend helps combat fatigue, boost stamina, and promote mental alertness. Fuel your day with renewed vitality and achieve peak performance with our specially crafted blend that aids to energize both mind and body.

Ingredients: Maitake, Almond, Chaga, Lion's mane


Easy Flex Mushroom Blend

Introducing our Easy Flex Mushroom Blend, a powerful combination of mushrooms specifically formulated to promote bone and joint health. Packed with nutrients and compounds known for their bone-strengthening and joint-supporting properties, this blend aids in maintaining healthy bones, promoting flexibility, and supporting overall joint function. 

Ingredients: Cordyceps, Almond, Lion's mane, Reishi


Serenity Mushroom Blend

Discover our Serenity Mushroom Blend, a soothing and calming elixir that promotes relaxation and tranquility. Carefully crafted with a blend of calming mushrooms, this formula helps to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and promote a peaceful state of mind. Experience a sense of serenity and find your inner calm with our specially curated blend.

Ingredients: Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Lion's mane


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