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Are Kosher Certified Products A Better Buy?

I’m not a practicing Jew, but I do follow the Kosher Certified Dietary Laws. Okay…these guys know how to do it correctly when it comes down to high-quality food and I really do believe the good book has some great health laws to follow.

Kosher certification for food is done by the state, national, and even international agencies. But what IS kosher? “Oy vey!” There is a LOT that goes into it.

In Jewish culture and religion, Kosher certified food for human consumption complies with Hebrew Biblical dietary laws. These laws trace quite far back into history. you can even read the book of Leviticus in the Bible for some examples of Kosher foods.

Not only does it identify which types of food are proper to use, but also about how food is to be prepared and handled. Even the way in which animals are raised, what the animals eat and how they are slaughtered is done in a proper and humane manner. All of this is done according to kosher laws. Clean…I mean clean.

The equipment used to prepare the food is also of importance. Dishes and utensils are dedicated to either meat or dairy and are even stored in separated places. No cross contamination here! Also, this means that if you are purchasing a vegan or vegetarian product that no meat or dairy EVER interacted with it.

Preparation surfaces are also maintained and kept separate. To put it simply, each utensil must be ‘koshered’, or otherwise set apart for its task. This is done by immersion and rinsing. In simple terms, the meat knife cuts the meat, the cheese knife for the cheese. Dishwashers, appliances, and even ovens can be dedicated to either meat or dairy. In most plants, there is a dedicated Kosher area or machines.

So, when you go shopping for foods that are already prepared, there are symbols to designate whether it is Kosher. There is typically a smallish symbol, identifying the Kosher Certified agency that certifies that the food was prepared in the proper manner and that the company producing the food follows the approved methods.

Fortunately, here at Herbal Papaya, we have taken the necessary steps to have our plant operations certified. We work with the Scroll K Kosher Certifying Body. The entire processing of our extracts line from the suppliers of raw ingredients to the manufacturing and processing plant, are in fact, Kosher, and certified as such.

As the health industry grows, it's important to take these extra steps for quality.

Rabbi Yisroel Rosskamm, Kosher Certified Rabbi and partner with Herbal Papaya, has this to say: "One of the most basic tenets of Jewish life is the observance of kashrus. For the past Thirty-four years, the Scroll K/Vaad Hakashrus of Denver has performed an invaluable service by providing kashrus support to the community. As the regionʼs foremost kashrus authority, the Scroll K has become a symbol of excellence and quality in the kashrus field.”

Kosher Certified means a higher standard of products and food. You don’t need to observe biblical dietary law in order to reap the rewards. Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and even non-religious people, with a desire to know their food is of the very best quality, know the symbol is something to support. Kosher food is beneficial to us ALL.

Here at Herbal Papaya, we want the best for our customers and that is why we went Kosher!  

Jessica Oren is a certified Birth Doula (CBI) and a Family Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. You can find her on Google+ 

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