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The most important thing to know about cleansing is realizing that every person is different and may be affected by cleansing. You should always talk to your doctor, herbalist, or health practioner before starting a cleanse to know if it's right for you and safe. So...okay then, how should I cleanse?


The first step is to clean the bowels. The lower bowel to be more precise. Why? Because when you clean the lower bowel you will have less toxins in your body, elimination will be efficient and ready for additional cleanses and your liver won't be on overduty. Most of us literally have pounds (not ounces) of waste in our body and when it gets jammed up and causes constipation there is no where for the toxins to go, this causes mood swings, sickness, body odor and can affect your immune system and allergies. So find an easy, not too complicated lower bowel cleanse that works for you. Make sure to drink plenty of fresh clean distilled water and stay on a mucusless diet during this time. This cleanse can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Take until you are going 3-5 bowel movements a day and they are painless, no bleeding, no constipation, and no straining.  

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Next up is a parasite cleanse. We all have them! Either from gardening, farm work, playing with our dogs, eating meat, travel or just playing at the beach we can all get parasites. This is best done after a lower bowel cleanse when the lower intestine is at its' best. Keep on your fresh water and mucusless diet during this cleanse. Whatever program you choose, you should use it for two weeks or as directed. You may also take a look at black walnut tincture during this time and use a frequency generator to get any early stage parasites that might be left behind. Many Naturopath doctors now have frequency generators in their offices and all it takes it to schedule an appointment!

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Yay! It's the liver's turn and boy it does deserve it. The liver takes a beating and it needs to be refreshed too and it's so important. Doing a liver cleanse reaches an organ that manages to even pull prescription or over the counter drugs from our system. Many unwanted toxins can hide in our livers. Ask your herbalist what liver cleanse works best for you. Here are a few you can research.


Next on the how should I cleanse train is the kidney cleanse. This is done after the liver cleanse for a reason. You want to make sure you are still drinking plenty of water and are still on a mucousless diet. Here are some ideas when thinking about starting a kidney cleanses you can discuss with your Master Herbalist or Naturopath Doctor.


Lastly on the how should I cleanse list is the blood cleanse. This should be done with great care and observation. This should only be done with the advice of a Master Herbalist or Doctor. Cleansing the blood should only be done after all the other cleanses are done. You should be still going 3-5 times a day (moving the bowels) and not sick, have a fever, or a headache during this time. Along with a blood stream cleanse you can take 1-2 tablespoons of papaya leaf extract or 2-3 papaya leaf extract capsules.


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