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Guayusa leaves are part of the food forest. In fact, the Amazon Forest is home to the native guayusa tree, also referred to as Ilex Guayusa.1 Although guayusa leaves are used for a variety of purposes today, at the onset, guayusa benefits centered around the dreamworld. In fact, indigenous people living in areas like Ecuador, Columbia and Peru sought guayusa benefits so that they would learn how to explore the dream world, including how to have lucid dreams. 

Also, when missionaries traveled to the Amazon, they consumed guayusa leaves. For missionaries, guayusa was used to soothe the stomach or support digestion. Guayusa was also used as a stimulant. It is for the latter benefit that some refer to guayusa leaves, especially when the leaves are brewed, as an energy tea. During those early days, guayusa was also used during festivals and local celebrations. 

Best Tea For Energy

Guayusa leaves have been consumed by humans for centuries. The majority of Ilex Guayusa trees are found in Ecuador. Permatree Ecuador organization reports that as much as 98% of the Ilex Guayusa trees are found in Ecuado, a country that Herbal Goodness farms for organic guayusa leaves.2 Other areas where you can find guayusa growing naturally are Argentina and Paraguay. As with its other non-GMO, organic products, Herbal Goodness farms and harvest guayusa tea that gives you energy because the company's founder and leaders place utmost value on natural, earth grown products that support a healthy lifestyle. 

Leaves that are used to make the tea that gives you energy are a fresh, garden green. Natural caffeine in the leaves support focus and mental clarity. Although some people have drank the tea that gives you energy as a way to stay awake for long hours, it's recommended that you follow dosage recommendations outlined on Herbal Goodness Guayusa Tea, extract and organic leaves products. 

Yet, due to the fact that it has "natural" caffeine, as an energy tea, guayusa may be safer than coffees made with high levels of non-natural caffeine. In other words, enjoying guayusa benefits may help you to avoid becoming overly stimulated to the point that you feel jittery, nervous or anxious. Therefore, its natural stimulant qualities are among the leading benefits associated with guayusa leaves. 

Guayusa Leaves Benefits

However, energy and stimulant qualities aren't the only guayusa benefits. Here are more guayusa tea benefits: 

  • Guayusa contains more antioxidants than the popular green tea.3 Antioxidants support vision, heart health, mobility and skin.
  • Bone support from drinking the energy tea may be experienced because guayusa has calcium.
  • Vitamin C and vitamin D are vitamins that you can get in natural form from guayusa. Both of these vitamins support immunity.
  • Magnesium is another of the guayusa leaves benefits that support immunity.
  • Potassium, zinc and chromium are also found in guayusa. These minerals support immunity, cardiovascular strength and blood sugar.
  • Guayusa is a super food because of its high levels of antioxidants. In fact, guayusa leaves have more antioxidants than blueberries, kale, blackberries and acai berries. 

Of course, to enjoy guayusa benefits, it's a good idea to get the leaves in their natural state. If guayusa leaves are not readily available near you, consider opting for a health foods company that farms in non-GMO areas. For example, HerbalGoodness doesn't source for its guayusa leaves and other plants and herbs from countries with lax food and drug policies and regulations. 

Instead, HerbalGoodness limits its farming areas to countries that have natural, non-GMO soil, places like Ecuador, the very country that the majority of guayusa trees are grown in. More about HerbalGoodness' commitment to high quality, organic, non-GMO products later in this article. For now, let's discuss why and how guayusa is growing in popularity. 

Best Tea For Energy

As previously noted, among the leading guayusa tea benefits is the fact that guayusa is a "natural" caffeine plant-based beverage. You also might appreciate the tea's taste. In fact, some guayusa tea drinkers find that the tea has a fruity taste. Other guayusa tea drinkers think that the tea taste similar to mate. 

Additionally, the guayusa energy tea is creamy but smooth. You might feel like you're drinking a creamy green tea while you enjoy a cup of organic HerbalGoodness guayusa leaf tea. Because it has stimulant qualities, guayusa has been used to support healthy weight. However, as with any food or beverage, including an organic plant, the results that each person experiences from drinking guayusa energy tea vary. 

Drink a cup of organic HerbalGoodness guayusa leaf tea in the morning, midday or at night, and  you might decide that you prefer the energy tea to a cup of coffee. You could also drink the energy tea as a cold brew. To do this, simply boil HerbalGoodness guayusa leaf tea. Then, add cold water to the tea and refrigerate until the tea is cold. As a tip, you could easily get a cold brew if you refrigerate the tea overnight. 

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Bringing Guayusa Leaves Home

To get guayusa leaves benefits, it's not enough to buy guayusa. You also have to get guayusa leaves from a reliable source. In fact, you may want to go with a health foods, tea, extract and supplements company that actually lets you see how its products are manufactured. And, it's this benefit that you can receive at HerbalGoodness. 

This is possible because HerbalGoodness shares videos of its actual manufacturing process at its official website. The company cleans and inspects its plant-based products thoroughly before offering the products to the public. Why is this important? In today's fast paced world, it's not enough to choose products with health food labels on them. It's important to know that these products are sourced for from non-GMO areas and manufactured in safe, healthy ways. 

Today's changing landscape also heightens the importance of companies supporting social good. This is an area where HerbalGoodness sets itself apart. In fact, HerbalGoodness supported girls' and women's education before it offered its first product for sale. It did this by supporting the WAAW Foundation, an organization that offers STEM and other academic and networking educational programs for women and girls in Africa. Even more, HerbalGoodness donates up to 10% of its profits to the WAAW Foundation. Click here to get HerbalGoodness organic, non-GMO Guayusa teas, extracts, liquids and leaves. 


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