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Skin care is essential for our health and its role in our body is key. The skin is the largest organ in the body as it completely covers it. In addition to serving as protection against heat, light, injury, and infection, the skin also regulates body temperature, stores water and fat, and allows us to perceive sensations. It is shocking, then, that in the face of all these vital functions that it performs, many people still do not pay necessary attention to their skin health. Paradoxically, preventive care related to healthy skin is often neglected and only valued if associated with possible aesthetic gain. Here are four ways to prioritize your skin health:

Protect yourself from the sun
One of the most important ways to ensure personal care for your skin is to protect it from the sun. A lifetime of sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems. Daily application of sunscreen is the best way to prevent skin aging, largely caused by inadequate exposure to the sun throughout life. Of course, the skin ages anyway, due to physiological factors beyond our control, but protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays has already been shown to delay this process. UV rays penetrate the skin and damage the elastic fibers, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles and also responsible for the appearance of spots on the hands, face, arms and other frequently exposed areas. Prioritizing your skin care and health entails protecting yourself with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, appropriate clothing, and anti aging cream to prevent aging. Avoiding the sun at times considered dangerous, between 10am and 4pm, and reapplying your skin support products every two hours when you are in areas of great sun exposure, are important measures.

Eat a healthy diet
Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and its health is easily influenced by what we eat. Skin goes through many cycles of renewal and repair. Proper nutrition provides the skin with the materials it needs to maintain its strength and beauty. This means eating a variety of healthy, whole foods, including a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and lean protein which can also be gotten from supplements. Herbal Goodness' Bamboo Leaf Extract products are great supplements that strongly promote skin health. The issue of nutrition is very broad but, in general terms, it can be said that everything that is good for our body as a whole is also good for the skin. A balanced diet, rich in greens, vegetables and fruits, contains antioxidants that, in addition to contributing to the maintenance of the skin's beauty, also play a role in the prevention of various skin diseases.

Keep stress in check
When stress gets out of hand, your skin can become more sensitive, triggering acne breakouts and other skin problems. To promote healthy skin and a healthy mood, take steps to manage stress. These steps can be simple things like getting enough sleep, not indulging in activities that'll wear you thin, being flexible with your daily goals, and finding time to do the things you love. Apparently, managing your stress levels could suffice as the best acne treatment you can give your skin while also improving your overall skin health.

Stay hydrated
Hydrated skin is protected skin. That is why the use of creams, lotions, oils and cleansers on the skin is of fundamental importance. Hydrated, the skin is protected from the various external factors that attack it, such as climate variations, radiation, pollution, and so on. Skin hydration should be a daily habit. It is usually recommended to be done after bathing, as it helps to retain the moisture of the bath in the skin. One of the most basic skin care tips is to always keep it hydrated. One important way to do this is to use a good hydrating moisturizer or natural moisturizer like honey, olive oil and coconut oil. A variety of moisturizer for dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin exists based on individual skin types. It is imperative that you know your skin type and appropriate or best moisturizer to use on it. Many experts recommend using moisturizer after bathing or showering, especially if you're using very hot water. If you wash your face in very hot water for too long, you can rob your skin of the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Drink a lot of water
Water keeps the skin hydrated and helps you eliminate toxins. As if that were not enough, it contains excellent nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the skin such as calcium, magnesium and sodium. The trick is to drink fluids regularly and without waiting to feel thirsty. Drinking plenty of water is not only a great body care routine, it also helps keep the skin hydrated and refreshed.

Herbal Goodness Bamboo leaf extract is the best addition to your daily regimen, it helps increase collagen synthesis which makes your skin tighter and firmer, locking in moisture and rejuvenating the skin to promote healthy glowing skin.

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