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Regular Use of Certain Herbs/Fruits

A few herbs and fruits have been proven to aid in having good digestion. The fruits include Raspberries, Apples, Pears, Pineapples, and Papayas, while herbs include Fennel, Ginger, Cilantro, and Peppermint.
The fruits, raspberries, apples, and pears are beneficial for the digestive system because they contain fiber. Papaya is the only fruit that aids digestion because its leaf and fruit contain the enzyme papain known to break down tough protein fibers.
The papaya leaf is very glutinous which allows it to soothe the digestive tract - mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines - as it passes through. Extract from the Papaya leaf extract can be found in the form of tea, juices, and capsules.

Self-Massage and Exercise
Internal organ exercises have been developed to energize and heal the internal organs. Taking part in these exercises can also aid in developing good digestive health.
These exercises include Liver Exercise which helps massage, provide tone, and promote a healthy liver and gallbladder.
To perform the liver exercise: Place the heel of the right hand on the right side of the body under the rib cage, and just above the hip bone. The fingers should point straight across the body. Pressing firmly, move the hand slowly across the body to the middle of the abdomen; you should end up with the heel of the hand over the navel. Repeat this action 10-20 times. To get the full benefit of the exercise, it should be done once or twice daily.
The Stomach Exercise benefits the digestive system by exercising the spleen, pancreas, and stomach. To perform the stomach exercise: Place the heel of the left hand between the rib cage and the left hip, with the fingers pointing across the body. Move the hand firmly and smoothly across to the center of the body, until it is over the navel. Repeat this self-massage 10-20 times, and do it daily once or twice.

Drink Lots of Fluids
Intake of fluids is beneficial to all aspects of health which also includes digestive health. It is necessary to watch what you drink daily. Water should be the main source of fluids for the body. Minimal intake of fruit juices can also be another source of fluids.
It is necessary to avoid cold drinks while eating. Food is well digested more efficiently at body temperature. Cold drinks can lower the body temperature which slows down the digestive process. After a meal, it is helpful to drink warm/hot drinks which aid digestion such as herbal papaya teas.

Get a Good Nights Sleep
Digestive problems can cause insomnia and vice versa. Stress usually serves as a cause of insomnia. Therefore it is helpful to try to relieve stress because it allows for a better night’s sleep. Sleeping well in combination with other factors can help in alleviating digestive problems. Guava leaf also supports calmness and good sleep fights anxiety and stress.

Food Combining
Food combining is a form of diet that involves separating three of the food classes-carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta), proteins (meats, dairy, nuts, soya), fats (cooking oils, butter, animal fat)-into separate meals.
It is believed that eating these types of foods during the same meal can have negative effects on digestive health and wellness. An example of food combining would be to eat meat or eggs (proteins) with salads and vegetables or eat potatoes or bread with salads and vegetables but not meat or eggs and potatoes or bread at the same time. Different types of food combining menus can be found on the internet.


Actually avoiding food is one way to help the digestion! Short term fasting is one way to allow the digestive system a deserved rest. If you are new to fasting, try it initially for just 24hrs. Remember always to drink plenty of vegetable and fruit juice during your fast.
The super papaya juice is a great option because of its lower sugar content, high vitamin/nutrient content and its ability to aid the digestive process. If you must eat during a fast, the best meal would be salads. Plan your fasting for days when you will not be doing lots of hard physical work and can take plenty of rest. You will be more tired when fasting, so it is not advisable to engage in fasting when you will be performing work that is physically demanding.
Healthy Liver & Colon
Promote a healthy liver & colon with the use of herbs, foods, and supplements!

Making use of some of these tips can help you achieve good digestive health. Try all seven and figure out the ones that you feel works better for you. Happy digesting!!!
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