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Exercising or keeping fit is not something everyone enjoys, but feeling great afterward is. Back pain is another thing not everyone enjoys, and I will even be as bold as saying no one enjoys it. Finding ways to lessen or even get rid of back pain, now that is something that will put a smile on your face. This article is all about 5 exercises for back pain. I am not saying they cure back pain 100% but I am saying they help lessen back pain 100%. So read on for in-depth explanations of 5 exercises for back pain. Top tip: remember to breathe when doing all these 5 exercises for back pain.

5 Exercises for Back Pain

1. Whole body roll.
Sounds complicated, but really what this involves is you laying flat on your back with your arms stretched above your head. You then slowly roll up. As easy as that. Move each vertebra in your back one at a time. You could even Invite your best friend over to help assist you. Make these exercises a social event. When you are all rolled up, then go back down the way you came. Repetition is key. So I would suggest doing it 5 times, resting for 30 seconds and repeating it like this 4 times.

2. Cat and Cow.
Two very different animals, but two very easy yoga poses. Position yourself into a tabletop on all fours. Curve your back so your bellybutton is closer to the floor and your head tries to touch your butt over your back and feel how gorgeous the stretch feels. Then do the opposite by trying to tuck away your belly button as much as you can, with your back curving upwards this time and your head trying to find your belly button underneath yourself. Again, this will then feel like such a great stretch. Do this a few times, and as mentioned before, remember to breathe!

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3. Plank.

Do not worry, this doesn’t mean you will be walking the plank and jumping into shark-infested water from a pirate ship. This simply means that your forearms are on the floor, 90-degree angle up to your shoulders, your body straight to your feet where only your toes meet the floor. This is one of the best exercises for your back as it strengthens your whole core. This is a must for boxers and a lot of other athletes. This helps with back pain as well as creating that summer body ready for the beach. Do not think that you will be able to go from 0-100 as fast as a race car. This exercise requires work. So start with 10 seconds, and increase as you can. For very new beginners you could even go on your knees. Remember: practice makes permanent.

    4. Child's pose.
    This is another yoga style move. Position yourself in the same position as you did when you were doing the cat and cow exercise (exercise 2), however, this time place your bum on your feet and allow yourself to fold easily so that your head meets the floor. Your arms can be stretched out in front of you over your head with your palms facing down, or relaxed next to the sides of your body, palms facing up.


      5. Swimmer.
      To finish off the 5 exercises, you will be stretched out on the floor again as with exercise number one. Except, this time, instead of being flat on your back you need to turn around with your belly on the floor, keeping your arms stretched out in front of you. Then as the name suggests you swim. When your left arm is in the air as your right leg is in the air, then the right arm and left leg work together. Thus you look like you are swimming.

        Take care.

        Please make sure not to rush the 5 exercises for back pain! Form over speed. It is all about the stretching, the inhaling and really focusing on the problem areas in your back. It is not about doing it faster than the person next to you if there is someone next to you. I hope you have fun trying these exercises and lessening your back pain.

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