4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling During the Holiday Season | Herbal Goodness

Travelling usually comes with the misconception of being able to binge eat and gain a stone or two before getting home again. However, it does not need to be that way. You can travel and lose weight, or at least not gain any while still having a great time.

So let’s have a look at the ways that you can save on those extra snacks. I know it is tempting to buy a little more and taste a little more when you are somewhere new, but you can do this in health-full ways.

Bring what you need.

Firstly, a note of caution - remember that airplane food is not the healthiest, so perhaps a good suggestion is to pack your own food or but healthy snacks to take along with you. How about some quick and easy healthy snack made at home? Stuck on ideas of those snacks, try out 5 healthy snacks to take along to your next party for ideas what you can take along on your flight. Plus - all those snacks incorporate Graviola in some way; which means that you will have more energy for your trip. That's always a great bonus for traveling.

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Liquids? Tea for Two.

Secondly, when you travel it is easy to forget to drink liquids. Keep a bottle of water with you so you do not dehydrate and keep your body healthy. There is nothing worse than being congested when you travel due to lack of liquids. A great way to get enough water in your body is by drinking tea. How about brewing a jar of our Iced Organic Graviola Leaf tea - This tea comes in different flavors and is great as a flavored water alternative with a healthy kick; perfect as a travel companion.

Sharing is caring, and check the label.

Thirdly, when you taste local cuisine, why not share it. After all, you are just looking for the taste, not to be satisfied. That way you will also be able to taste a lot more. If you are traveling alone, then you can always take food as leftovers. Better eaten the next day. Secondly, check the label, some foods contain ingredients you don't want to put in your body, so try looking for healthier alternatives, or make friends with a local who can cook up the food with all natural ingredients for you.  

Keep fit by walking.

Fourthly, going on vacation often means exploring new places. A hop-on-hop-off bus tour is a popular way to visit touristy cities, but remember that you can’t see everything from a bus. Sometimes the best places are best seen when you explore by walking around and chatting with locals. When you walk around a town or city, without realizing it, you can rack up miles fast while having a ton of fun.

Our marketing manager who is also a travel blogger once walked 20 miles in one day just exploring Vietnam to find amazing Graviola fruit smoothies and Graviola Leaf Teas in that amazing Asian country! Watch the video below to follow along in her journey and admire how great she looks!

The great news about this is that as you walk, you are burning quite a bit of calorie. It keeps your heart rate at a good steady level and helps burn stored fat - and I tell you,  those are the hardest to get rid of. What could be better than coming back from a holiday and your friends saying, “Wow, don’t you look good!?”

So there you have it. Four ways to stay healthy while traveling during the holiday season.